EES 3310/5310

Preparing for Independent Projects

Lab #7 on Mon., Mar 14


This week, you will start an independent lab project where you will spend a couple of weeks developing an independent project to look at a new question about climate science. This question can involve looking more deeply into something that you studied in a previous lab, or it can be something new.

For this week, your assignment is to propose an independent project. Your proposal will be due Wednesday, March 16 by the end of the day, on Brightspace. The proposal only needs to be a couple of paragraphs describing what you want to study and what kinds of data (model output, or archived climate data that you will download from the internet).

Lab on Monday March 14 will be used to discuss possible project topics and Mr. Belanger and I will be available to give you feedback and help you think about where you will get data to carry out the project.


Before you come to lab, please read the following document:


This lab does not use GitHub Classroom.