EES 3310/5310

Infrared light in the atmosphere

Lab #3 on Mon., Feb 7

Lab report due Wed., Feb 16


This lab will use the MODTRAN computer model to simulate the transmission of different wavelengths of infrared light through the atmosphere and explore the effect that different greenhouse gases have on infrared light and the earth’s temperature.

There are two files for this lab.

  1. Start by reading lab-03-instructions.pdf, which describes things you need to know for this lab (about the R functions for working with the MODTRAN model and the data that it produces, as well as some useful R functions that we will use in procesing and graphing data for this lab.)

This file also has the exercises you will do for this lab.

  1. When you come to lab, you will work through the exercises, and you will edit the file lab-03-report.Rmd to write your answers and show your work.


  • Accept this assignment.

  • Clone a local copy of the file repository from github to your own computer.

  • In your local repository, answer the exercises in the template lab-03-report.Rmd.

  • When you are done, knit your .Rmd files into Word or PDF files.

  • Use git to stage the files (including the .Rmd files and the new Word or PDF files) and commit the changes to your local git repository.

  • Push the changes from your local git repository to github.

    The last changes that you push before the due date will be graded.

I advise using git to commit changes frequently as you work and push those commits to github.

I also advise knitting your answers frequently to make sure that they knit correctly.


Before you come to lab, please read the following document:


Accept the assignment at GitHub Classroom at


Solutions for Lab Exercises: